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Techincal Solutions
Solutions for Everyone
Wireless solutions that bring WiFi everywhere!
  • Remote Locations
  • Public Wifi
  • Hotspots
  • Building to Building
  • Backhauls
  • Private Secure Links
  • Deadzone Elimination
  • Gigabit speeds
  • Bandwidth Options
  • Residential WiFI that Works
  • Specializing in WiFi for
    • Private Communities
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Residential
    • Public Works
    • Golf Courses
    • Enterprise/Small Business'
    • Hard to reach locations
We offer total Server & Networking Solutions
Integration, and Problem solving is our specialy. We Engineer solutions that work!
File Servers - NetApp, EMC, NAS, RAID, Cloud Drives
Email Servers - Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail
Virtual Servers - XenServer, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and VMware, MS Terminal
Data Servers - Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2
Webservers - Apache, Microsoft IIS
Cloud Servers - File shares, Streaming, Social Media
Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN)

No matter what the issue is we can help, we offer phone, virtual tech, and onsite support to fix the most complex issues
Residential Services
We bring the Enterpise network experience to your home.
Ask yourself the following questions.
does your WiFi frustrate you?
Is your WiFi slow?
does your WiFi drop?
Are you tired of not getting the speed you pay for?
Do you call your internet provider frequently?
Do you have "deadzones" or no WiFi in parts of your home?
Are you tired of movies buffering or jittering?
Does your computer run slow?
Is your computer malfunctioning?
Do you need a reliable friend?

If you anwsered YES to any of above you need us!
We are experts at resolving the most complex issues
Need WiFi in your garage, pool area, or how about your office 6 miles away!!
We can help!
About US
Here at NetFi Solutions we treat every customer like family.
We engineer proven solutions that work!
With 30 years of experience and over 20 certifications/licenses in the computer industry, we have done work for everyone from the home user to the CEO.  Most of our experience comes from the entrprise enviroment.  Fortune 500 experience in all aspects of Systems and Networking.  Thousands of servers built!  Thousands of networks installed. because of our expertise we are the solution finders!  We thrive on complex issues in any enviroment. Let us drive success for you today!

We are proud to serve the Tri-Cities & Detroit Metro areas, call us @ (989) 272-6044